TMG brokers reconnect Featured

Travel Managers Group (TMG) had a day (and evening) of reconnection at The Beekeeper’s Wife, north west of Auckland on Friday, with sessions that covered subjects like working in the domestic market and mental health. General manager, Cath Mcleod says the get-together was about reconnecting and ‘reminding people why we are still here, doing what we do.’

In an address to attendees, Mcleod pointed out that broker numbers in the group remained stable – with the number of new members roughly replacing those who had left. ‘We’ve got people here from as far away as Queenstown, Dunedin, Nelson, Bay of Plenty, Wellington and Northland amongst other places. It is amazing we can together like this at a time when there is little or no income.’

Mcleod acknowledges that many brokers have taken other jobs while still continuing to service their clients. ‘That’s testament to how much you value your clients and how much they value you. No other industry is sitting in the same position that we’re still in. In March (2020) we were wondering how we would make it through to June. But things will change – we’ll be back selling the travel that we love.’