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Africa showcase returning to NZ

The Africa Showcase returns to Auckland for the first time in seven years this July The Africa Showcase returns to Auckland for the first time in seven years this July

A strong delegation of African suppliers and tourism offices are set to converge on Auckland for the New Zealand leg of a showcase on 23 July, which will then head to three Australian centres.

The show is owned and organised by On Show Solutions in South Africa and represented in this market by Luxury Travel Marketing.

Lauren McAlpine, co-director for LTM, says the company is definitely seeing a resurgence of travel to Africa from NZ.

‘The last time Africa Showcase was in Auckland was November 2017, so this is our first visit post-Covid.

‘We have had other, smaller scale events in Australia, and each year we have had agents from New Zealand asking us when we are coming back, so this year we are pleased to add Auckland into the mix.

‘Airlift, visas and reduced post-Covid budgets have all been hurdles when it comes to African suppliers visiting the NZ travel trade, but all of these barriers are improving and we really see huge value in visiting this market.’

McAlpine says 30 African suppliers are expected to attend.

‘We have partnered with some of the fantastic Africa wholesalers in the New Zealand market who will also be exhibiting to the trade.’

She says aim of the show is to connect African suppliers with New Zealand agents, to help them learn about Africa and grow their business to Africa.

‘It is such a diverse continent and highly specialised which is why we also get our Africa specialist wholesalers on board too, to support both the trade and the suppliers. We also have some incredible educational prizes up for grabs at each event – the suppliers are always generous with their prizes and we package the prizes up to ensure it makes sense for the winning agent to actually redeem them and travel all that way.’

The event will be held at JW Marriott in Albert St in Auckland from 5.30pm.

Exhibitors include Rovos Rail, Savanna Private Game Reserve, South Africa Tourism, Kwando Safaris, South African Airways, africareps and many more.

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African rep reports strong traction from New Zealand

An African expert representing a number of operators on the continent is reporting  considerable traction from the Africa destination specialist wholesalers in New Zealand, as well as from the Virtuoso agencies.

Herbie Rosenberg of africareps says all his African partners will be at the Africa Showcase event in Auckland on 23 July.

This covers Wilderness, African Sun Hotels (including The Victoria Falls Hotel), Royal Zambezi Lodge in Zambia, Londolozi Game Reserve, Great Plains Conservation, Madagascar Classic Collection and Sun Africa Expeditions in Uganda who wish to have their products and offerings promoted at the showcase.

‘They all have new product and a multitude of special offers, and as a result I will have a lot to talk about,’ says Rosenberg.

‘One of my key messages will be the meaning of luxury in travel in today’s world. Luxury is no longer solely about thread count and suite appointments but about those moments you take away with you and how they have changed your life.

‘Tourists no longer want to rush from venue to venue, but want time to relax and ingest what the environment has to offer. Thus longer stays per camp and fewer camps per journey is the growing trend.’

Rosenberg says he will also speak about cost versus value and the importance of low impact tourism for the environment.