Moroccan market (souk) in Marrakech Moroccan market (souk) in Marrakech

Morocco demand continues

World Journeys is reporting a spike in demand for tailor-made travel to Morocco. 

‘Morocco is one of those destinations which is not like anywhere else, with its blend of ancient cities, souks, deserts and mountains. Add to that delicious cuisine and the riad accommodation, and there is good reason for its popularity,’ says marketing manager Caroline Clegg. 

‘We are getting a lot of enquiry for travel to Morocco in spring (March to June) 2024, which is a great time to travel – the temperatures are not too hot, and the skies are clear blue.  A good proportion of this travel is clients adding Morocco on to a visit to somewhere else in Europe, usually Spain. People are realising how close Morocco is to Europe, and how easy it is to add on.’ 

Most itineraries include Casablanca, Fes and Marrakech, while others, if time allows, may include Merzouga Sands, the High Atlas Mountains, the fortified Portuguese fishing town of Essaouira or the Roman ruins of Meknes and Volubilis. 

Accommodation options include boutique hotels, riads and luxurious desert camps. Cooking classes, camel rides, dune driving and visits to artisan craft workshops are among activities which can be built into itineraries.

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