Risk-based border model called for

Risk-based border model called for

Auckland Airport has joined with industry partners and medical experts in supporting the development of a risk-based border model.

Published in the New Zealand Medical Journal, the peer-reviewed research evaluates the risk posed by passengers from countries with different prevalence of Covid-19 travelling to New Zealand.
It proposes a multi-layer, risk-mitigation approach in support of New Zealand’s elimination strategy by exploring the impact of a more tailored approach that matches different levels of traveller risk.

Developed by an expert medical advisory panel to help provide evidence-based advice to industry representatives including Air New Zealand, Auckland Airport, Christchurch Airport and Wellington Airport, the model has been medically peer reviewed.

The model focuses on a traveller’s departure country risk using a ‘traffic light’ approach and is dynamic – as a country’s risk profile changes the recommended controls also change. 

‘In Australia’s case, a state-by-state risk-rating can be assessed should state-to-country reopening become possible. Based on the analysis completed at the time of the medical journal peer review, the model suggests that it will be possible to safely open with the right procedures to more travellers from very low-risk countries, like Australia, that have taken a similar approach as New Zealand to managing Covid-19,’ says Littlewood.

‘For countries where Covid-19 is still widespread the model recommends continuation of strong border measures.’

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