Airports have a key role to play in carbon offsetting Airports have a key role to play in carbon offsetting

Airports and carbon offsets

Enviro-tech company CarbonClick has two new airport partnerships in its mission toward reducing the impact of air travel on climate change. CarbonClick is working with airports around the world to enable travellers
to balance the carbon footprint of their flights.

Ljubljana Airport in Slovenija now offers travellers the opportunity to calculate and offset flight emissions.

CarbonClick also has a new partnership with Galapagos Ecological Airport, Galapagos Islands. Already acclaimed as the world’s first green airport, built from recycled materials and running on almost 100% renewable energy, a carbon offset programme adds to the continual evolution of an impactful sustainability programme.

CarbonClick CEO Dave Rouse says more than half of all travellers fly on airlines that don’t offer a carbon offsetting programme and where they do, conversion rates are low.

‘Many airports are doing great things regarding their own emissions but when you look at a passenger’s journey, over 95% of their emissions come from the flight. So, for airports who want to do more for the environment, this is an opportunity to tackle the impact of flying with a robust carbon offsetting programme.’