Air recovery more about policy

Air recovery more about policy

Aviation intelligence specialist OAG says vaccination rates alone are ‘not a guide to how easy international air travel is’. The company’s research shows government policy is a ‘much more important determinant of airline recovery’.

OAG has sorted countries into four categories based on the proportion of the population that is vaccinated and the level of international capacity operatings.

These comprise states where vaccination rates are high and international airline capacity is better than average, including France, Spain, Germany and the US. These are all developed countries that were ‘quick to acquire supplies of vaccines.’

There are then the states where international air travel has continued despite a slow vaccination roll out, such as Russia and Colombia, and where most international flights available are to a relatively small group of other countries.

Then there are states with limited international flights taking place and vaccination levels are also low. In some, vaccination rates have been rising rapidly but these same countries – Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Japan and South Korea – have taken a zero-case approach to Covid-19.

All have seen international air capacity fall over the last six weeks despite rising vaccination rates. An ‘early sense that this was an effective solution to keeping Covid-19 at bay’ has made it ‘hard to change the narrative that could enable more international air travel’ as it will almost certainly be accompanied by higher rates of infection, explains OAG.

The there are states with relatively high rates of vaccination, but remain below average for the amount of international air travel possible, such as Canada and the UK, a group OAG describes as ‘puzzling’.

Source: Blue Swan Daily

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