Auckland Airport (Photo by Douglas Bagg) Auckland Airport (Photo by Douglas Bagg)

New Zealand 'isolated'

Airlines have had a week of positivity as more markets relax their Covid-19 restrictions and start to look forward to reopening their hotel doors, says OAG’s chief analyst John Grant.

However he says that airlines are increasingly cautious of adding capacity back too quickly, despite the market positivity, especially through the coming winter season.

‘Looking forward to the first quarter of 2022, by region capacity, nearly every part of the world remains almost unchanged over the last few weeks. In part that may be because airlines have only been looking (ahead) a few months at a time and most airlines remain focused on their schedules through to the end of this year. No carrier is rushing to add back any capacity in January at the moment and who can blame them.’

Grant had a special mention for New Zealand in his blog this week.

‘In many markets optimism is flooding back, even Australia is beginning to plan for a reopening – NZ is now increasingly looking isolated both geographically and in response to Covid-19.’

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