Enquiries for private jet travel is 'going through the roof' Enquiries for private jet travel is 'going through the roof'

Big demand for private jet services trans-Tasman as Australia opens up

Demand from Kiwis for private jet travel to Australia – particularly on a one way basis –  is ‘going through the roof’, according to Christchurch-headquartered GCH Aviation.

The company’s group marketing manager, Caroline Blanchfield says that as the eastern states of Australia open up New Zealanders are heading across the Tasman for work, to relocate with permanent jobs or to resume life there.

With limited commercial capacity, as well as a desire to stay in their own bubble, people who can afford it are increasingly attracted do the private jet option.

There is also some demand from people travelling this way, though they need to meet MIQ requirements at this stage.

Blanchfield says GCH, which provides a net rate to agents, is seeing a fluid situation when it comes to trans Tasman travel.

‘I would expect that as Australia continues to open up the national carriers will put more flights on Tasman routes. However there will still be people who want to fly privately by chartering aircraft. We take all the precautions and meet all protocols, while enabling people to stay in their own bubbles.’

Huge enquiry for Fiji resort transfers

GCH Aviation is reporting a ‘huge wave of enquiries’ from offshore markets for its Fiji based operation, Pacific Island Air.

Though New Zealanders are unable to travel there at present, Fiji is opening up to Australia and other international markets from 1 December.

‘At this point we are reopening as a charter operator with our helicopter and fixed wing aircraft. There is demand from families who want to stay in their bubble while they fly to a resort,’ says group marketing manager Caroline Blanchfield.

The company envisages operating its third mode of transport – seaplanes – after the cyclone season.

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