Qantas and Jetstar have adjusted flying levels . Qantas and Jetstar have adjusted flying levels .

QF-JQ adjust flying levels

Qantas and Jetstar have adjusted flying levels to better match travel demand in light of the growth in Covid-19 cases in Australia.

The Qantas Group now expects domestic capacity for the third quarter of FY22 to be at around 70% of pre-Covid levels, down from the 102% that had been planned.

The schedule changes are focused on reducing frequency of services and size of aircraft to minimise inconvenience for passengers as much as possible.

The group’s total international capacity for the same period will fall from 30% to around 20% of pre-Covid levels. This reduction is driven by increased travel restrictions in countries like Japan, Thailand and Indonesia and is mostly impacting Jetstar’s leisure routes. Other markets – such as London, Los Angeles, Vancouver, Johannesburg and India – continue to perform well.

Qantas and Jetstar continue to have 100% of their available Australian-based crew stood up, which has helped minimise the resourcing impacts of some needing to self-isolate during the summer peak. This 100% crewing level will be maintained despite the capacity reductions, giving both airlines a significant buffer to manage ongoing isolation requirements and resulting in a more reliable schedule.


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