Visitors are treated as family at the Misminay community in Peru Visitors are treated as family at the Misminay community in Peru

Contributing in Peru

Clients looking to gain insight into the day-to-day lives of local Andean people, and make a difference to their lives, can include a visit to Misminay community in Peru.


South America Tourism Office has been working with the Misminay community by funding the construction of a greenhouse. Located in the Sacred Valley, the greenhouse enables villagers to grow important crops, including those used for medicinal purposes, which would normally be impossible to grow at such high altitudes. In addition, education about sustainable cultivation helps provide a healthy diet for the local families. ‘It is without doubt that this is one of the most unique and enjoyable experiences clients can have in Peru,’ says SATO’s Jaime de la Maza.


‘The community of Mullak’as-Misminay is comprised of happy, friendly indigenous people who welcome travellers as family upon arrival to their village,’ he says. ‘The visitors are greeted with traditional songs and dance and take part in three daily community activities. These can include a greenhouse visit, weaving sessions, construction of Incan adobe bricks for building construction, cooking classes, donkey rides, and treks upwards to the site of Mirador de Moray, where ancient terraces used for growing certain crops still hold their place within the community. ‘Guests can also take part in the cooking pachamanca, a traditional dish of meat and vegetables cooked in the ground, covered with hot stones.’

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