Gary Marrow Gary Marrow

That wasn’t there before…

Clients who head to the Big Island of Hawaii now can see a new black sand beach, formed by the volcanic eruption last year.


Gary Marrow, tour operator with KapohoKine Adventures, says the mile-long black sand beach was formed by the lava flow and people will still see the earth steaming as they travel to the coast. ‘People who live there know this sort of thing can happen and it’s exciting to show visitors the before and after. There is destruction but there is also the birth of new land.’ Marrow was part of the Hawaiian delegation in New Zealand for Aloha Down Under 2019 last week. He says agents should not hesitate to send clients to the island. ‘It is a great time to come. We are in recovery mode, so people who come support the island. But the rates are amazing too and there is so much to do.’

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