Stilt houses on Chiloe island © Jose L. Stephens Stilt houses on Chiloe island © Jose L. Stephens

New Patagonia tours

Viva Expeditions has launched four new tours in Patagonia that are included in the Great Chimu Sale with a 10% discount.

From highlights packages to more in-depth explorations, these tours visit some of the most beautiful destinations in Chile and Argentina. Highlights include two snow-capped volcanoes, Osorno and Calbuco, that stand over 2600 meters tall. The upper slopes of Osorno volcano are covered in glaciers, and travellers can experience the vast views from the top.

The tours also sail out to Chiloe island, where wooden Jesuit churches are dotted all over the island and colourful stilt houses are built into the surrounding sea. These tours also travel along the Seven Lakes Route, where guests will see lakes surrounded by alpine mountains. The tours head a little off-the-beatenpath but still visit more well known destinations such as the Torres del Paines granite columns, the Perito Moreno Glacier and Mount Fitzroy in Parque Nacional Los Glaciares. Starting at $5306 the tours run from 11 to 23 days and can be combined with an Antarctic cruise. CLICK HERE FOR INFO.