Graceland, Memphis – home of the late Elvis Presley Graceland, Memphis – home of the late Elvis Presley

Tauck's after-hours Elvis

With the new Tom Hanks film Elvis on movie screens in and with the late singer’s Graceland home also celebrating its 40th anniversary hosting public tours this month, Tauck has announced that guests on its Life on the Mississippi cruise-tour will receive a private after-hours tour of the Memphis mansion and grounds.

Designated a National Historic Landmark and included on the National Register of Historic Places, Graceland is one of the most famous homes in the United States. The estate welcomes over 500,000 visitors each year, including more than 4,000 on peak days, and it is second only to The White House as the most visited home in the country.

‘Elvis Presley remains an enduring cultural phenomenon and Graceland is still an object of popular fascination,” says Tauck CEO Dan Mahar.

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