Thursday, 01 June 2023 03:07

San Antonio – city on a mission

Host city of last week’s IPW US travel expo, San Antonio, Texas, boasts a rich history and a mix of of cultures that are intrinsically linked and prides itself in the preservation of both.

This is illustrated dramatically at San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, a national park with a difference in that it showcases five Spanish Missions dating back to the early 1700s.

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A San Antonio location that gave the city a global profile in 1968 but then fell into disrepair for more than 40 years is being given a new lease of life.

Hemisfair Park, the site of a World Fair in the late 60s, has had many of its derelict buildings renovated and turned into restaurants and retail spaces, with much more to come.

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Monday, 22 May 2023 19:38

New way to remember The Alamo

A new interpretive centre at The Alamo, San Antonio gives visitors deeper insight into the iconic location than has been available in the past and gives clients more reason to dwell at the site.

The Ralston Family Collection Centre, which opened in March, has some 2,000 items on display, a considerable number of them from the collection of former Genesis singer and drummer Phil Collins.

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San Antonio’s San Pedro Creek has been reclaimed as a public culture and art park.

Considered the birthplace of San Antonio, San Pedro Creek was for many years a flood prone waterway, dividing the central city economically into two disparate halves.

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