Tuesday, 02 July 2024 00:54

Moon of Seoul for Korea

The Moon of Seoul  (Photo: Korea Tourism Organization) The Moon of Seoul (Photo: Korea Tourism Organization)

Seoul is set to launch a new tourist attraction – a tethered helium balloon named the Moon of Seoul, located at Yeouido Park.

It is expected to become one of the city’s landmarks, offering visitors a chance to enjoy the nighttime view of the Hangang River and city.

Each round trip will take approximately 15 minutes and can accommodate up to 30 passengers. The balloon will ascend to heights between 100 and 150 metres, depending on weather conditions.

The Moon of Seoul is lifted by helium gas and tethered to the ground by cables. Its vertical movement is powered by the buoyancy of the helium gas and an electric mechanism.

Operating hours are expected to be from Tuesday to Sunday, between 12pm and 10pm. The anticipated ticket prices are KRW25,000 (A$27) for adults (ages 19 to 64) and KRW20,000 (A$22) for children (ages three to 18) and seniors (65 plus).

Construction of the Moon of Seoul began in January this year. The first test flight was conducted on 23 June, with more tests planned. The official launch is scheduled for August, with the exact date contingent on weather conditions.