Mindanao, Philippines Mindanao, Philippines

Philippines: safe to travel

Philippine Airlines has released a statement reiterating that currently the Philippines remains free of the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

After the initial three infections in mid-January there have been no further cases detected within the Philippines. Of the three cases, all were tourists from China, one of whom died, the other two have now been repatriated back to China., the carrier says. ‘Strict measures were immediately put in place by the Philippine Government including the prohibition of entry into the country by anyone who had been in China, Hong Kong or Macao within the previous 14 days. Further measures have also been put in place for travellers from South Korea. All flights between the Philippines and China remain cancelled through to the end of March and PAL is now offering only limited service to Seoul, South Korea. ‘New health screening procedures have been introduced at airports for both arriving and departing passengers. Passengers are encouraged to check in earlier to ensure they are able to board their flights in a timely manner.

‘All passengers flying to/from the Philippines and also within the Philippines are now required to fill in a form detailing full contact details to allow health authorities to trace passengers quickly if required,’ the release says. Passengers flying with PAL from New Zealand to the Philippines or beyond to London or other destinations in Asia, the Middle East or North America should feel confident that the risk of exposure to the coronavirus is extremely low because of the measures imposed by both the Government of the Philippines and Philippine Airlines. www.doh.gov.ph/2019-nCoV

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