Hong Kong rethinks tourism

Hong Kong rethinks tourism

This is the ideal time to rethink Hong Kong’s position in the global tourism market and elevate service standards, says Hong Kong Tourism Board’s chairman Dr YK Pang.

In a recent web conference, Pang pointed out that the tourism landscape would be reshaped in the post pandemic world. ‘We will see a shift in preference and behaviour among travellers – the public health conditions of

destinations and the hygiene standards of transport providers, hotels and other tourism facilities will become a top priority. People will prefer short haul breaks and shorter itineraries, wellness themed trips will become a new trend.’

Pang says domestic travel will be the major preference shortly after the pandemic and outbound travel will resume soon after. ‘Regional competition will be fiercer than ever, as the tourism authorities and travel trade of various destinations are gearing up for intensive promotions.’

He expects long haul travel to Hong Kong to resume in the last quarter of this year ‘at the earliest’ and says ethnic Asian visitors are expected to be the first to visit after the pandemic.

When the pandemic shows signs of abating, the HKTB will first encourage locals to rediscover different neighbourhoods and community cultures in order to send a positive message to visitors and restore their confidence in the city.

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