Latest winners with Japan

Latest winners with Japan

This week’s Journey Through Japan incentive winners are Shari O’Connor from Helloworld and GT Rodgers from Travel Professionals.

A $100 Prezzy Card is on its way to both winners. The six-week series covered all regions of Japan, the diversity of products and attractions, food, authentic interactions and experiences. ‘The feedback we have received from our travel trade partners is that the webinars have allowed them to see Japan as a much more diverse destination that they now feel more confident in promoting and selling to their clients,’ says Dylan Joffe, Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) New Zealand representative.

‘I hope that the travel trade will continue to engage with JNTO resources and in upskilling on the destination. Japan experienced significant growth out of New Zealand in 2019 and we continue to see strong interest in travel to the destination.’ Any agents who missed the webinars and who would like training for their team or colleagues, or any information and resources on Japan can contact

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