Win and learn with Oita Japan

Win and learn with Oita Japan

Travel agents and brokers have the opportunity to learn about Oita, the ‘hottest place’ in Kyushu, Japan, this month. They also have the chance to win a wide variety of prizes, such as traditional pottery, gift cards and more.

On 17 February, JTB will take agents on an hour long ‘webinar adventure’ to Oita and show them a different Japan to the one they know already.

A trailer from Tourism Oita can be found here.

After the webinar, a survey will show up in the browser to all the participants. Agents need to complete the survey with the correct promo code that will be given during the session.Upon submission of the survey, eligible respondents will be entered into the draw to win.

Winners will be announced via email on 24 February 2021. Register here.

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