On a Saigon Vespa Tour After dark… Exotic’s Ben Sikder, Lucy Phuong, Mia Le, Rahul Sharma On a Saigon Vespa Tour After dark… Exotic’s Ben Sikder, Lucy Phuong, Mia Le, Rahul Sharma

First timer or returnee – now is ideal time to visit Vietnam, says Exotic MD

Travel agents can be confident that repeat visitors, along with those new to the destination, will find Vietnam easier than ever to explore, says Exotic Holidays managing director Rahul Sharma.

He says new motorways and other transport infrastructure have taken hours, sometimes up to 50%, off travel times.

Sharma and three members of the Exotic team recently returned from the destination and have returned laden with information on new resorts, tour products and additional options for seeing established attractions.

‘We are getting enquires about Vietnam from agents nearly every day and most clients are first time visitors, but we are also getting interest from repeat travellers. We’re seeing a lot of families, couples and young people travelling there.

‘If someone has not been there for a while, I would suggest they go back.’

This was Sharma’s sixth trip to the Southeast Asian destination over about 18 years and the first time he has been there for six years.

‘The flights were always on time and the on-board service was amazing. Even on a 45 minute flight from Nha Trang to Ho Chi Minh City we got cold towels and water with efficient, personal service.

The Exotic team sampled a Vespa Tour After Dark and also visited the Cu Chi Tunnels by speedboat – a cheaper and quicker option than travelling there by road.

‘I noticed more changes this time than on any of my other visits,’ says Sharma. ‘‘I have not been to Vietnam for six years and it was wonderful to see the cleanliness in cities. There is far less pollution.’

During the trip, the team caught up with local partner Vido Tours and Sharma attended an international travel show that focused primarily on Southeast Asian destinations.

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