The renovated shearing shed at Wooleen Station (Photo @rolling_stills) The renovated shearing shed at Wooleen Station (Photo @rolling_stills)

WA’s Wooleen Station expands

Wooleen Station has relocated a historic shearing shed kitchen to the entry of the property to provide a focal point for visitors with its curved, domed tin roofline.

Wooleen Station worked with The Jones Construction Co. to relocate and renovate the historic building that was constructed in 1922.

Originally situated seven kilometres away, the building had become disused due to the decline of merino sheep across the region. Repurposing it as tourism infrastructure preserves its integrity and the history of the area whilst expanding the tourism potential of Wooleen Station.

Wooleen Station offers various forms of accommodation, ranging from the hosted and catered homestead experience, self-contained guesthouses and nature-based camping options.

Guided eco-sunset tours, dingo encounters, hiking and birdwatching are available to visitors. Until now, the station lacked a central hub and meeting place for all visitors to the property.

The relocated building will host a reception and café as a shop, providing an outlet for local creators and producers to showcase and sell products. “

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