Belgrade is visited by A-ROSA on a number of the company’s itineraries Belgrade is visited by A-ROSA on a number of the company’s itineraries

A-ROSA’s Danube range

A-ROSA River Cruises typically operates 100 annual Danube sailings, and is planning to get back to that level when it is safe to do so. The company offers cruises from three to 16 nights on the river; the short deartures are ideal for cruise novices and as an addon to a European holiday, while the longer itineraries explore the Danube in detail.

Highlights of A-ROSA’s Danube voyages include Vienna, known for its imperial history and culture; Esztergom, one of the oldest towns in Hungary; and Budapest, with its Chain Bridge that connects the distrcts of Buda and Pest.

Surrounded by vineyards and the Little Carpathian Mountains, the 18th century town of Bratislava is another popular port of call.

Depending on the itinerary, A-ROSA also visits Belgrade with its fortress and floating clubs and sails through the Iron Gate Gorges dividing Romania and Serbia until the cruises reach the Danube delta, where the river joins the Black Sea.

While the spring and summer months are a popular time to explore the region, A-ROSA also offers a range of Christmas Market cruises and other itineraries over Christmas and New Year.

A-ROSA has a Premium-All-Inclusive offer, one feature of which is unlimited non-alchoic and acoholic drinks throughut the the day. Another is A-ROSA’s kids travel for free polcy. Check conditions.


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