Steve McLaughlin and Amelya Grey of Aurora Expeditions Steve McLaughlin and Amelya Grey of Aurora Expeditions

Aurora spreads message in NZ

Aurora Expeditions’ visit to New Zealand last week has served the double purpose of inspiring clients and educating the trade, says director of sales – Asia Pacific, Steve McLaughlin.

‘We have encouraged agents to come with their clients to sessions at the Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron (Auckland). We know it can be hard to sell something if you don’t know it well, so we’re here to help.

‘Our message has been that if an agent brings a qualified customer we’ll turn that into a strong lead, or even a booking, to follow up.’

McLaughlin has been over from Australia with business development manager Amelya Grey. He says that although Aurora has been operating for three decades, the situation following pandemic lock downs and restrictions means this is something of a ‘30-year start-up’ in New Zealand for Aurora.

The company has a new ship, Sylvia Earle, coming into operation later this year in time from the Antarctica season. She will join the established, but also relatively new, Greg Mortimer in Aurora’s fleet.

Grey says an important point of difference for Aurora is its comprehensive suite of activities – hiking and tramping, kayaking, snowshoeing, snorkelling, diving and more.

‘We know New Zealanders will relate to this kind of experience. ‘

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