Speedway on Norwegian Prima Speedway on Norwegian Prima

Onboard sales soar for NCL

Norwegian Prima has already shown its pulling power to lure repeat guests, says NCL’s president and CEO Harry Sommer.

‘We’ve got four or five cruises of paying guests under our belt now and in terms of selling future cruises we’ve had record sales on this ship. That’s the highest repeat rate booking on board – they are not waiting until they get home.’

He says the repeat business from new to cruise through the whole fleet has been noticeably higher, almost double, since the cruise relaunch in 2021 compared with two years earlier.

‘People who have cruised with us for the first time in 2021-22 have rebooked more than ever. We are almost double our previous record year.

‘Once people are on the ship it’s not about ales and marketing any more – it’s about the experience they’ve had on board.’

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