Viva’s Tara Sutherland in Antarctica last season Viva’s Tara Sutherland in Antarctica last season

Antarctica cruises filling

With the start of the 2023-24 Antarctic cruise season just over three months away, Viva reports that some popular Antarctic operators are close to sold out on many departures.

Viva has seen massive interest in Antarctica recently, with the continent making up more than 60% of the company’s enquiries in recent months.

Viva operations manager, Tara Sutherland says many Antarctica clients are reluctant to put down a deposit for their trip until the last minute.

‘However with popular ships filling up and some operators now removing specials from the market, these clients may find their preferred itinerary or cabin is no longer available when they decide to book,’ Sutherland adds.

‘This week Quark has reduced or removed many of the special offers it was running on 2023-24 season Antarctica cruises due to the departures being close to sold out. Albatros Expeditions’ ships Ocean Albatros and Ocean Victory also now have few cabins remaining for the coming season.

‘For clients who want to visit Antarctica this summer, there are still great opportunities to get them there, they are just becoming a little harder to find.’

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