Greece is set to open up to travellers again in June Greece is set to open up to travellers again in June

Greece opening up again

Greece is preparing to open the country’s borders and is working towards a soft opening in June, with some islands also scheduled to reopen on 30 June, Innovative Travel is informing agents.

‘Last week Greece opened 200 archaeological sites including the Acropolis in Athens after a two month closure due to the coronavirus pandemic,’ says managing director Robyn Galloway. Greece has fared well during the pandemic, especially given its elderly population. Several reasons have been attributed to the achievement. The lockdown was imposed much earlier than most countries in the western world (approximately 18 days ahead of NZ) and was strict for an extended period.

Effective media campaigns encouraged people to stay at home, accompanied by hefty fines for breaking the rules. With a population of just under 11 million, there have been 2850 cases with a 0.5% mortality rate. Close cousin Cyprus has 922 coronavirus cases and 17 deaths. (Statistics as of 21 May 2020). ‘With tourism accounting for 25% of Greece’s GDP, it is a promising sign that the country is able to reopen. Travellers who are considering Greece and Cyprus for their next holiday will be reassured by these low statistics,’ says Galloway. Click here for info.

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