Ireland closer to opening

Ireland closer to opening

Tourism Ireland says it is looking forward to rolling out the green carpet to international visitors following the country’s adoption of the EU’s new Digital Covid Certificate.

This will enable more seamless travel among EU member states. Ireland will begin the scheme on 19 July, meaning that travellers from EU member states bearing the pass – which attests that the holder has either been vaccinated, has had a negative test for Covid-19 or has had the virus – will then be able to visit Ireland without the need for a test or quarantining.

Tourism Ireland also welcomes the commitment to extend the Digital Covid Certificate to vaccinated visitors from other areas – including Great Britain and North America in due course.

The office here says the famed Irish welcome will be well and truly warmed up and ready for the return of the Kiwi traveller when the time is right.

For the first time in many months, we can look to the future with optimism,’ says Niall Gibbons, chief executive of Tourism Ireland.

‘We know from our research there is significant pent-up demand among travellers in our overseas markets to return to the island of Ireland when it is possible to do so.

‘However, we also know that there will be significant competition in the marketplace; every destination across the globe has experienced the impact of Covid-19 and will be seeking their share of the recovery. Our kick-start campaigns will punch through the noise and create a desire to visit when the time is right.’

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