Musk oxen at Wrangel Island on the Arctic Circle Musk oxen at Wrangel Island on the Arctic Circle

Island stay in Arctic Circle

Heritage Expeditions is offering an exclusive 10-day stay on Wrangel Island in the Arctic Circle. Up to five guests will be able to stay on this remote island during The Ultimate High Arctic Expedition in July 2022.

They will be guests of the rangers who man the Wrangel Island Nature Reserve, best-known as the polar bear denning capital of the world, as well as for having the largest population of Pacific walrus and a rich natural history.   

The expedition departs from Nome, Alaska, on 24 July 2022 on Heritage Adventurer (formerly known as the MS Hanseatic) which, following a complete overhaul, will join the fleet in May next year.   

Five days will be spent travelling to Wrangel Island, traversing the Bering Strait between Russia and the USA, heading west along the Chukotka coastline and crossing the De Long Strait. 

Heritage Adventurer will be based at Wrangel Island for five days from which all guests can board Zodiacs to explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

When the ship sets sail on the remainder of its journey, five travellers will stay behind. When Heritage Adventurer returns at the end of their stay, they will rejoin the ship and spend a further five days exploring before sailing back across the Bering Strait to Nome.

For the itinerary, CLICK HERE.

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