Dancers in traditional costume in Kalocsa Dancers in traditional costume in Kalocsa

Biking & Boating the Danube

Bike Boat and Barge 2023 options from A Walker’s World/Cycling Europe are steadily becoming available in New Zealand and director Jill Grant says there has been good uptake already.

Grant says the 15-day Danube Bike & Boat tour is one she is highlighting now. It rolls through six European countries – Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria – to the fjord-like canyons of the Iron Gates National Park in Serbia. 

‘The tour goes a long way past the popular river cruising destination of Budapest into less visited territory, through varied countryside and different cultures that set each country apart.  Historic capitals are part of the tour with days to explore Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade,’ she says. 

A four-star vessel provides a floating hotel for bikers who cycle well-researched routes most days, returning to the vessel at a new destination in the afternoon. 

A guided option is offered but the tour is mostly self-guided with a tour director who gives a briefing before the ride and is available by phone if needed.

In the evening three course dinners are served and an onboard musician provides entertainment. A shore excursion programme is offered onboard to make the most of the cities, plus wine tasting and folkloric nights in smaller towns.

The cycling is graded easy to moderate on almost flat terrain of cycle paths and traffic free country roads.  A limited number of ebikes are available. Guests can choose to cycle or skip a ride some days and cruise with the vessel.

Costs start from $4,150, plus bike hire.

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