Monday, 14 November 2022 02:07

The Whiskey Island of Ireland

Whiskey Island was born in response to the incredible Irish whiskey boom taking the world by storm.

Ten years ago, there were only five operational distilleries in Ireland and the Scots were having all the fun. Today, there are 45 distilleries operational and at least another 25 are work in progress.

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Thursday, 09 September 2021 23:04

Whisked away for whiskey

Irish Whiskey’s ‘serious revival’ has not only given rise to an influx of new distilleries but also led to the formation of several tours based around the spirited beverage.

John Callely, founder of Whiskey Island Premium Tours and Tastings, says that for a long time the island of Ireland’s whiskey industry lay dormant. ‘At one stage we were down to just two distilleries, now we have 39 and more (about 25) on the way.’

He says whiskey trails offered to guests take in a number of distilleries but also stop at some of the historical, cultural and scenic highlights along the way.

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