TIME in motion: Mentoring builds momentum for 2024

TIME in motion: Mentoring builds momentum for 2024

An increasing number of intakes per year, a focus on ‘today’s entrepreneurs’ and an extended committee are all signs of a solid year ahead for the Travel Industry Mentor Experience (TIME) in New Zealand, says its chairman Andrew Gay.

‘It’s actually going gangbusters,’ says Gay. ‘We’ve introduced a fourth intake and we are getting great support from partners – including having a number of scholarships up for grabs.’

Gay says the new TIME NZ committee members are Will Ashcroft, Cover-More; Angela Mills, Travel Managers; Deb Gyde, AMP and Daniel Wright, Tourism Australia.

‘The existing committee remains and all members are really invested, but everyone is busy and we decided it was beneficial to bring in new energy.’

He says another pleasing development is the addition of a few more mentors in recent months – though more mentors are always welcome.

‘It is amazing how much knowledge people have attained once they have been around for a while. Some people don’t realise just how much they have to pass on.’

He says programme continues to see growing demand from mentees.

'They are often looking for fresh new ideas and a support person – a confidante. Sometimes it can be easier to confide in or seek advice from a mentor than someone within their own organisation.’

He says TIME is seeing increased interest from brokers, who are entrepreneurs in their own right.

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