Rahul Sharma in Laos Rahul Sharma in Laos

Look to Laos, says Exotic’s managing director

Travel agents should advise their clients to consider Laos when next heading to southeast Asia, says Rahul Sharma, managing director of Exotic Holidays.

His comments come as Exotic prepares to launch its Asia 2024-25 brochure in a few weeks and Sharma promises increased Laos content in the publication.

‘Laos is largely off the radar with the trade here but it is a pleasant destination, with beautiful people and lovely food. It provides a really chilled out destination in Asia.’

Sharma recently visited Laos as well as Cambodia and Vietnam in one trip and says this is a fantastic combination for clients who have a bit of extra time to see the region – 21 to 25 days is ideal.

‘Laos is easy to get around, the roads and other infrastructure are reliable and there has been a high-speed train service introduced in recent years that really cuts down the travel time.’

Sharma travelled by train between Luang Prabang and Vientiane. ‘The trip used to take eight hours on the road, by train it is two and a half hours.

He says Laos will definitely appeal to clients who enjoy the outdoors and adventure sports.

‘Vang Vieng, for example is perfect for hiking and trekking and the new brochure will have more focus on that area.’

He also recommends visiting Plain of Jars – a megalithic archaeological site that contains thousands of stone jars scattered around the landscape.

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