Francis Travel Marketing... watch this space

Francis Travel Marketing... watch this space

Niche wholesaler Francis Travel Marketing is open to opportunities and not ruling out further expansion, says managing director Tony Smith.

FTM’s latest acquisition was Fathom Asia in February this year, following the purchase of Europe specialist Orton International last year.

FTM has long been a cruise GSA (general sales agent) and representative and in 2011 picked up AIM Holidays – which specialises in shows, events, sports and packages in Australia and the United States.

‘The next three or four months will really be about consolidation for us,’ says Smith. ‘For agents we think the key is still service – giving them what they need and doing it with a smile at the end of the phone.

‘In saying that, there is room for expansion and I always have my eyes open and my ears to the ground.’ Smith says there are also plenty of opportunities in the sectors and geographical areas the company is already involved in – including cruise.

‘Cruise is not a niche market anymore. Any agents who think it is need to wake up and smell the roses – cruising is for everybody.’

He says that while cruising has been regarded as an ‘add-on’ to land experiences in many cases, that has switched around. ‘Now cruise is the holiday. People pay to do the cruise and spend one or two nights pre or post.’
Smith says all of the four companies under the FTM umbrella benefit people looking for new experiences.
‘I visited Bit Milan (expo) recently and there is still huge opportunity in Europe. While I was there I also visited the Iranian stand and I see potential there. Agents can expect to see Iran product under the Orton umbrella soon.’


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