Tuesday, 10 March 2020 02:01

Take business seriously, but lighten up as well

Megan Hornblow, Hawaii Tourism; Adele Barker, Air New Zealand Megan Hornblow, Hawaii Tourism; Adele Barker, Air New Zealand

Think like a CEO, but remember we are all human, so be easy to deal with.

That was some of the advice from Gai Tyrell, one of the high profile speakers at A Force for Good at Crowne Plaza Auckland yesterday. ‘Lighten up, take your business seriously but not yourself too seriously’ says Tyrell, Sydney based managing director of Globus family of brands. ‘Taking a holiday or having a laugh doesn’t detract from your professional standing, in fact it enhances it.’ The conference, with its strong emphasis on diversity and empowerment, had plenty of focus on gaining confidence, working with mentors, developing deep partnerships and business relationships and getting out of comfort zones. Tyrell says she has met many women who were highly competent but lacked confidence. ‘Don’t be afraid of seniority,’ she says ‘If you have something important to say, just speak up.’

Leanne Geraghty, general manager airports for Air New Zealand, urged the audience to form their own trusted relationships and be clear about who they trust. She also noted the importance of not letting people derail you in your career. ‘When I was appointed general manager Australia for Air New Zealand my bucket was really full. But to my disbelief when I walked into the Australian National Travel Industry Awards, someone well known in the industry greeted me with ‘congratulations on your new role, it must be great to be in the right place at the right time.’ ‘But I decided that was not a slight on me, it was ignorance on the part of that person.


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