Some European countries are beginning to open Some European countries are beginning to open

Exotic sees ‘rays of hope’

Exotic Holidays is reporting a number of ‘rays of hope’ that indicate travel is inching back towards resumption.

Referring to updates from its destination marketing companies (DMCs) and media reports, Exotic says that domestic travel, including flights, is resuming or close to resuming in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand.

Domestic flights are also set to resume in India from 1 June.

From the beginning of June, many flights from Israel will begin again to European cities, while in the United Kingdom, easyJet has announced the restart of flying to selected destinations from the middle of the month.

Exotic has listed a number of countries moving to resume visa services and at least loosen border restrictions over the next few weeks, including Cambodia, Greece, Vietnam, Austria, Italy and Spain.

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