Supplier group formed

Supplier group formed

Creating a clear line of communication and a forum for supporting each other are two of the motivations behind the forming of a new Travel Suppliers Group.

The group’s chair, Robyn Galloway, says the decision to get together in no way detracts from efforts already being made and in fact will help suppliers work in a coordinated way with the recently formed Industry Working Group and others.

‘We are old hands who have joined hands, as now more than ever the industry must have a single voice,’ says Galloway.

‘Suppliers have been talking and sharing challenges with each other, so this move was logical. Often negotiations are taking place is a short time frame, so the group provides an easy line of communication – getting the message to all members at the same time and giving them the ability to provide feedback. It is really important that we have a clear, concise and consistent message.’

Galloway says the group applauds broker Shane Lust for launching his Parliamentary petition for an extension of the wage subsidy.

‘The petition has over 10,000 signatures and it would be great for everyone to give this an extra push to get 20,000 signatures by next week. Those who service our sector, be it insurance, IT or tradespeople can help by signing the petition.’

Galloway adds that the group is keen to hear from anyone who has utilised direct MP or other Parliamentary connections to promote the travel industry’s cause.

Members of the new group include: 

A Walker’s World, Active Asia, Adventure World, APT Group, Cruise World, Croatia Times Travel, Eclipse Travel, Exotic Holidays, Francis Travel Marketing, Globus family of brands, Innovative Travel, Pack ya Bags, The Travel Corporation, Total Holiday Options, Travel&Co, Viva Expeditions, Wild Earth Travel, World Journeys.


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