Fuzion still optimistic

Fuzion still optimistic


Developments like allowing domestic cruising and travel to some Pacific destinations would provide a much needed ‘intravenous’ line for those travel companies hanging in through the current crisis, say the directors of Fuzion Travel.

Andrew Parke and Stuart McKay say that despite everything they retain optimism for the future and say their broker model is continuing to hold up well.

‘We have seen some reasons to celebrate,’ says Parke. ‘We’ve recently had a week there we actually had to pay BSP. We had more bookings than refunds so that was cause for hope, and celebration in the Fuzion way.’

McKay says that a number of Fuzion’s broker members have been engaged in selling domestic and have had success working their databases in this regard.

‘Some of the domestic suppliers have not been as responsive as we would have liked. I question why a luxury lodge, for example, would close at this time when we have domestic clients who would like to stay there. It is also evident that some do not understand trade distribution and commission.

‘That said, others have been helpful and worked with our members on packages and customised itineraries.’

Parke and McKay says that some brokers have seen huge interest in the potential Auckland to Auckland themed cruises in the summer.

‘These themed cruises are at a good price point and one of our brokers has sold some 50 of them. At this stage we don’t have clarity on whether they will cruise, but we can’t just sit back and wait.’


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