New consortia launched

New consortia launched

Travel suppliers and media at the Travel Lab Christmas get together in last week were introduced to TRUE Kiwi – a New Zealand-based consortia intended to have a voice around the government sector as New Zealand pushes forward for a relaunch of travel.

‘The public sector really doesn’t know who the travel community is, and they don’t understand the balance between outbound and inbound. Even the inbound sector does not know the connection,’ says Simon McKearney, Travel

Lab’s chief executive officer. ‘We might think they do, but they don’t. The travel community is currently not around the table’

He says the TRUE Kiwi consortia will be owned by the members – not any centralised agency, but by the supply community to govern.

‘This is a reset opportunity to have product on a centralised database that removes discussion costs for point of
sale and over rides.’

At the function on Tuesday night Mckearney outlined a place for affiliate retailers in TRUE Kiwi. These would be made up of front end platforms or businesses that wish to access travel products and technology in order to sell to end consumers of travel.

‘Affiliates can access a complete range of products and curate into bespoke propositions, facilitated by Travel Lab before selling direct. Affiliates can be independent travel businesses, travel agent networks, B2C platforms or B2B businesses.’

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