Restoring reputation big challenge survey indicates

Restoring reputation big challenge survey indicates

Reputational damage to the travel industry in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis is a major hurdle that will need to be overcome, according to respondents in a ‘strawpoll’ of New Zealand based suppliers last week.

In the lead up to a workshop on Thursday, Travel Lab asked members of the supplier community how severe they felt reputational damage has been to suppliers, with 20% saying extreme, 50% moderate and 30% unsure.

When asked how severe they felt the damage ha been to distributions (travel agents, OTAs etc) 40% ticked the extreme box, 40% moderate and 20% were unsure.

The ‘not at all’ option was not ticked by a respondent, nor was the ‘it has had the opposite effect’ answer.

Travel Lab’s CEO, Simon Mckearney emphasises that the poll was informal and represents the views of individuals from airlines, cruise companies, tour operators and other suppliers – but not the official views of the companies themselves.

However, and not surprisingly, it reveals deep concerns in the sector forseshadows significant changes as the industry works to emerge from the chaos – with 60% saying they will be looking at changing remuneration models in the short to medium future for those distributing their products and the other 40% being ‘unsure’.

The vast majority, 90%, have concerns about travel compliance costs in the future – resulting from factors as diverse as restrictions n numbers and spacing, health and safety considerations, traveller tracking, and the need for Covid passports or other confirmation of being vaccinated.

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