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TAANZ: More agents seek alternative income streams

Having clear and certain rules around travel from a supply chain point of view, for both agents and consumers, is taking on even more importance as the industry faces another challenging year, says the Travel Agents Association of New Zealand.

It is clear that many agents are needing income from endeavours outside the sectorand won’t have time to deal with complex travel bookings for little or no return.

TAANZ president Brent Thomas says that last year obviously saw travel agents dealing with significant bookings and then unravelling them – something the businesses were not designed to do.

‘We really don’t need any more of that complexity. We need suppliers aligned in their thinking and it is important this thinking does not chop and change.’

He says more TAANZ members are now looking at hibernation – hunkering down until international travel returns.

‘They are keen to come back but they need alternative income streams in the meantime.

‘Dealing with refunds and credits is not going to give them an income stream.’

He says a travel agent is just that – an agent for the principal, who is the supplier. ‘So we need clear rules that we can pass on and that the consumer can understand, and we need those rules to not move around and change.’

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