Revenue plunge leads airline tech refocus

Revenue plunge leads airline tech refocus

The Covid-19 pandemic has refocused IT spending priorities for airlines and airports in 2020 as revenue plunged and the industry faced new health and operational requirements needed to keep flying, according to SITA’s 2020 Air Transport IT Insights.

The sector has seen an accelerated investment in automated passenger processing focusing on touchless and mobile services. There is also a strong focus on virtual and remote IT services that allowed employees to work from home while ramping up communications with passengers.

Making the check-in process completely touchless is the main priority for airports and airlines to help protect passengers and staff, improve the passenger experience, and drive efficiency.

Biometric technology is the focus for airport investment with 64% of airports aiming to roll out self-boarding gates using biometric and ID documentation by 2023, three times as many as in 2020.

Most airlines now want mobile touchless payment options for all services provided. All essential customer services will become contactless from booking to arrival, including automated lounge access and mobile delayed baggage reporting, says SITA. 

Airline mobile applications for passenger services is a priority with nearly all (97%) of airlines having major programmes and R&D in place by 2023. By 2023 the majority of airlines plan to send passengers real-time notifications on their mobile devices about their bags and plan to provide real-time bag-tracking information for staff.

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