Stu Udy Stu Udy

Toolkit to help agents

The Expedia TAAP Travel Agent Toolkit was launched in Australia and New Zealand this week.

Stu Udy who looks after TAAP here, says agents have been asking for help with marketing themselves to their local and broader community.

‘We are providing agents access to resources to improve their marketing,’ says Udy. ‘The kit includes how to guides, thousands of free images, dozens of customisable templates and lots of ideas on how to market better.’

The kit also has prepared assets to use in social media advertising and information posts, with the ability to quickly insert the agency’s brand into templates.

The launch kit includes topics such as: why use a travel agent for domestic travel?; tips to travel in 2021 and why book a home stay?

Udy says these are all designed for agents to promote themselves and assist conversations with clients.

‘Agents can build a multi-channel campaign, stylise it to their own voice and start communicating with their customers for free.’

The Toolkit forms part of the recently released Expedia TAAP Academy.

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