Thursday, 19 August 2021 23:09

TAANZ to engage with other sectors

Brent Thomas, TAANZ president Brent Thomas, TAANZ president

The Travel Agents Association of New Zealand (TAANZ) says that while accessing the balance of the Consumer Travel Reimbursement Scheme (CTRS) remains a focus, there are other pressing issues that have a longer-term impact on the health of the industry.

In a communication to members late last week, the TAANZ board pinpoints the challenges of the MIQ allocation system.

Along with this is a lack of any kind of government roadmap out of compulsory quarantine and border closures as the percentage of population being vaccinated increases.

TAANZ says further engagement and a public relations approach to highlight both issues are being finalised.

‘Further to this, a TAANZ representative recently attended a meeting of industry associations in the tourism and hospitality industries where it was widely acknowledged there is opportunity for collaboration around government engagement and messaging,’ the TAANZ update says.

‘We are engaging the group, and a range of broader industries and associations (ie retail, international education, business associations) to gauge appetite for a broader effort. This would achieve the goal of broader reach and support and protect against the risk of our efforts being perceived as self interested and not in the nation’s best interests by many Kiwis.’

Meantime, TAANZ is emphasising that it has not given up on its efforts to secure the balance of the CTRS. It has praised members for the volume of letters sent to local MPs on the issue and says the efforts have definitely got the attention of Todd McClay, the National Party spokesman for commerce and consumer affairs.

‘He recently met with the heads of chains and agreed to get behind our request to access the balance of the CTRS. We have been told we can expect to see that support in the near future.’