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Biz travel toolkit released

Corporate Traveller New Zealand reports it is already seeing a positive trajectory for 2022, with international booking volumes doubling within weeks of the government’s decision to scrap self-isolation for returning citizens.

The quick re-bound indicates a strong desire for in-person meetings and gatherings for successful business development, customer retention and networking.

To support small and medium enterprises (SMEs), Corporate Traveller has unveiled an SME Travel Toolkit to give small business owners a helping hand as they adapt to a new way of travelling in 2022, which involves ever-changing protocols and precautions.   

Available to read and download via the Corporate Traveller website, the 10-part monthly series tackles the most pressing concerns for SMEs and takes readers through the benefits of enlisting a business travel pro that can be trusted and relied upon. 

Keeley Alton, Corporate Traveller New Zealand’s general manager, says many businesses are faced with a new set of challenges when trying to navigate international travel in the pandemic era.

‘The world has changed and jumping back into travel can be an overwhelming experience for any business, even those who previously managed their travel independently,’ says Alton. 

‘Through our SME Travel Toolkit, we share our knowledge to help business owners plan and travel safely, with ease.’ 

In the first chapter, launched this week, readers can learn why DIY travel can be bad for business, the benefits of using a travel manager, and get guidance on crafting a policy and securing the best rates.

‘With the SME Toolkit series, we are helping businesses identify the best route and resources needed to maximise their productivity and savings, without cutting corners or compromising on safety.’

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