‘Avoid running in circles and focus on quality’ ‘Avoid running in circles and focus on quality’

Niche wholesaler to trade: ‘Avoid running in circles and focus on quality’

Travel retailers need to ensure they are not running in ever decreasing circles trying to take on more business than they can handle, says Rahul Sharma, managing director of Exotic Holidays.

He says that with depleted staff numbers, a surge in bookings and more complex border regulations, the trade could be in danger of providing sub-standard service and in turn driving clients back to booking on-line (with OTAs).

‘I think the whole supply chain needs to be careful about this. The key is to concentrate on quality not quantity and to provide real value to clients.’

Sharma says it is clear that many agents are working long hours right now. ‘Most days we are receiving enquiries through to at least 10pm. A lot of people are quite frantic.’

He says visa requirements and rules around testing and quarantining regimes are clearly adding complications to travel – something that gives agents an edge as long as they can provide (and charge for) the correct information and handling.

Exotic’s sister company, Visa Assist specialises in this area and is getting an enormous number of queries per day.

‘Visa Assist has gone ballistic in the last two or three months

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