TAANZ: Strategy to attract staff top priority, member input to be sought

TAANZ: Strategy to attract staff top priority, member input to be sought

Developing a public relations and marketing strategy around attracting new people into the industry is a major priority for the Travel Agents’ Association of New Zealand, says chief executive officer Greg Hamilton.

‘We will be going out to engage with members about what they need on this front,’ says Hamilton.

‘Presuming members will not be able to replace all the gaps with experienced people, what skill sets do new people need and what does the training for that look like?

‘We want to promote travel as a career and also work with providers to make sure we have the right practical training regimes in place.’

Hamilton says staffing is clearly the number one issue for the industry right now. While travel is not alone in terms of staffing challenges, it was particularly hard hit by the border closures.

‘We are part of the Tourism Association Network and working with them on a task force around attracting staff. Obviously the tourism industry needs to gear itself up for the summer season.’

Hamilton has recently returned from Australia and says the relationship between TTANZ and its Australian equivalent AFTA is encouraging.

‘They are very open to sharing their IP and what they are doing, and we both have the same challenges and opportunities. We’re on the same page as each other.’

He says Australia can be regarded as a ‘headlight’ as we come out of Covid.  ‘They are a couple of months ahead of us with reopening the borders.’

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