Rahul Sharma… ‘people are travelling everywhere’ Rahul Sharma… ‘people are travelling everywhere’

Exotic’s MD notes trends as 13th anniversary looms

Exotic Holidays marks its 13th anniversary tomorrow (18 January) and managing director Rahul Sharma says the company is looking build on trends experienced last year.

He says 2022 saw diverse business for Exotic – not only in terms of destinations booked but also the type of travel engaged in – from FIT and leisure groups, through to VFR plus corporate travel and incentives.

Sharma says one growth area is family and friends reuniting in a neutral destination, thus avoiding the need for one party to play host.

‘It means everyone can meet up together, relax and have fun. Often one person will coordinate the travel but then that organiser can also relax at the destination.’

He says people from New Zealand will meet others from the UK in places like Turkey and Greece. There has even been a recent example of this with Malta as the destination.

‘Thailand is popular for this too, as is Bali.’

Sharma says the company has rebounded strongly from the difficult Covid years and now has a team of eight plus two in Visa Assist – a new and successful brand that was actually launched while New Zealand’s borders were largely closed.

He adds that it is difficult to pinpoint just a few well-performing destinations.

‘People are travelling everywhere. The Middle East is doing extremely well and we are seeing a lot of interest in Oman – in the past six to eight weeks we’ve had more demand for Oman than we’ve seen before. But we’re selling heaps of Japan, Egypt, Vietnam, Turkey, India, Greece, Sri Lanka, Morocco, Spain, Portugal and others.’

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