Tony Ujdur at MEETINGS in Wellington this week Tony Ujdur at MEETINGS in Wellington this week

Clients not leaving things to sporting chance as they book into offshore events

Offshore sporting events are definitely back on New Zealanders radar and when they want to go, they go, according to Tony Ujdur, director of High Performance Travel & Events.

‘There is a lot more determination now, people are committed to booking. Before (2020) there were a lot more enquiries that may come to nothing.

‘Now we find people are linking sporting tours to significant occasions and they are extremely decisive about wanting to go.’

Ujdur says that for Bathurst alone, taking place in October, he has two groups travelling to mark a birthday and one where the motivation is a wedding anniversary.

‘Any excuse really,’ he adds.

Ujdur, a member of NZ Travel Brokers, says that along with sporting tours, incentive programmes are an important part of his business – domestic, offshore and inbound – and have taken on a different profile since Covid.

‘Initially a lot of our New Zealand clients wanted to take their incentives overseas but of course during Covid the emphasis switched to domestic.’

He says this prompted him to learn more about what the country has to offer.

‘It has been a pleasant surprise and we still have clients who want to stay in New Zealand for their incentives – we’ve had a few small groups in Auckland and a 380-person event in Queenstown over five days, themed as a Million Dollar Party.’

Ujdur has been at the MEETINGS expo at Tākina Wellington Convention and Exhibition Centre, connecting with the wider business events industry.

In an internal development, Ujdur has now been joined by Phillip Mazey, who has a product development role.

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