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Luxury holiday spend on rise

Travel Associates is reporting an increase in clients’ average spending, with some outlaying six-figure-sums on dream holidays.

For August, average spending is up 47% year on year, with bookings made up of a combination of flights, tours and cruises.

The largest booking so far this year equated to $232,257 for a small group. One couple spent $167,026 between them, and one single traveller booked a trip worth $145,625.

Travel Associates New Zealand head of operations, Ashleigh Teixeira says many of the large bookings came from those between the age of 50-69.

‘These travellers may be empty nesters who’ve managed to pay the mortgage and suddenly have more cash to play with and free time on their hands to travel,’ Teixeira says.

‘The most expensive bookings are often those going on around the world cruises, visiting sometimes 50 plus countries. They also want to go on private guided tours where they can skip the lines and go off the beaten track.’

Popular destinations for the luxury market include the UK, Italy, Netherlands, Japan and Singapore.

The UK is popular largely because it’s the first stop for Kiwis off on Europe adventures. North America is also sought-after.

‘Canada is popular with travellers opting to go on ski holidays or sightseeing tours around the Rocky Mountains. Hawaii is also growing in popularity, which will hopefully help the country’s economy following the devastating fires.’

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