Shweta Yadav during her last trip to India some years ago Shweta Yadav during her last trip to India some years ago

HOT's flexible working policy

House of Travel has a new flexible working policy. Under the House of Travel Flexible Working Arrangements policy all employees, regardless of employment status, may request flexible working arrangements based on individual needs and circumstances.

Jayne Alldred, House of Travel retail director, says some of the flexible working requests include temporarily or permanent reduced hours, changing place of work, job sharing, changing how work is managed or taking a workcation.

Flexible working policy requests are being considered on a case-by-case basis always considering the potential impact on customer service, the immediate team and the wider business. Alldred says in cases where it makes sense there are options available.

‘The senior leadership team at HoT understands the significance of acknowledging and supporting work-life balance and that the workplace needs flexibility to retain our talent,’ Alldred explains.

Workcations are a popular flexible working request with HoT team members raving about the positive impact the new policy is already having.

Paula Watson, HoT’s head of long-haul and supplier partnerships, will spend the month of June in Bali taking a break from New Zealand’s winter and working abroad, including meeting suppliers.

Shweta Yadav, HoT’s content marketing manager, will spend five weeks in India in July and August combining three weeks of holiday with two weeks working.

‘The flexible working policy means a lot to me, especially now living far away from my family’ Yadav says.

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